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Amateur Rider / Brand Ambassador - 13 Year Old Laura Sutton on preparing for Stafford BE

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Amateur Rider / Brand Ambassador - 13 Year Old Laura Sutton on preparing for Stafford BE

Hello, my name is Laura Sutton and I am the local brand ambassador for Horzehoods Ltd! I am doing a blog on the last week, my training, products and my results.

Over this month Ive have been really busy training for my first BE at Stafford. This includes doing lots of dressage training, working on her bend and suppleness! She gets very stiff so I stretch her legs before I ride and work on changing speed within paces (this is a great exercise to get them working from behind and become rounder over the back).
I am also very luck at our yard we have an all-weather gallop track, where me and Ocean can test our time and find a comfortable rhythm for the cross country element (which is usually her favourite and so she tends to gallop fast)
Also my yard has held some clear round jumping events, which has really helped Ocean with her show jumping, making sure she doesn't have any silly poles.

The night before my first BE, I ran through my dressage test and tried to get it perfect, before an early night tucked up in her rug and her favourite Horzehood! I love these products they really are a godsend the night before a competition! I can plait and roll up the night before and the next morning, the plaits look brand new! Without the stress in the morning of trying to sort everything else out. My favourite show ritual to ensure she stays clean is a fresh bag of shavings and her hood and she's all set to be put straight on the box in the morning! Not to mention the Horzejamz that keep her warm every freezing winters night!

So after a 4am Friday morning start, we were loaded and on our way to Stafford! I love to use a tail bandage and our one of our favourite products, the tail bag! I hate spending 2hours before a show, scrubbing and spraying her tail for her to just poo down it again especially as she is so white. So as soon as everything is dry and showsheened, I plait the ends to a loose plait and pop it in the bag. It saves so much time and saves the agony of rewashing! Once I'd walked the courses, I changed into my gorgeous Horzehoods Jessica Gels Full Silicone breeches and got ready for dressage! These breeches are so comfortable and the Gel helps for that added support in the sticky situations 

So Stafford turned out to be a lovely day, I was so proud of Ocean! We achieved a 29 dressage (even though she was far from on form), a very scopey clear show jumping and a small uncertainty at a drop fence on cross country. But we started and finished strong and Ocean braved all the fences I thought she wouldn't and was fab all morning! I could really relax and concentrate without stressing about how Ocean would look, thanks to the Horzehoods products!

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Great Job Laura!

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