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  • HH Unique Sports Rider Wear Launch......
  • Post author
    Stacey Parkes
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HH Unique Sports Rider Wear Launch......

HH Unique Sports Rider Wear Launch......
Hi, to all our Blog Readers, 

Firstly thank you for visiting our website, we have received a huge influx of newsletter subscribers and messages over the last few days as you are all eagerly awaiting the live launch of our New Rider Sportswear Range. After 12 months of wearing, riding and trials we can safetly safe they are worth the wait.

A little bit about our new Rider Wear Range and its development.....
Originally being a brand specialising in horse wear products when we launched back in 2013 our client base and customer loyalty quickly grew in reputation it was here that all customers began asking us to make rider wear after being impressed with our horse wear fit, innovations and trials. I am not sure if you all remember our first breeches back in 2015, our Jessica Gels. We had a manufacturer we had worked with for several horse wear items and had a meeting with them to make up our Jessica Gel Designs, whilst they were fantastic value for money and to date all our staff still have the same pairs 3 years on which they still ride in we felt going forwards once our new designs for 2018 were to be manufactured that we wanted to have the very best  in the world for working with eco-friendly technical fabrics and experience with sports performance garments. We are very much about believing if something is great it can always be better. I don't believe in ever being content with the product that you have, even with our hoods and horse wear garments, with each batch we run we constantly improve even the most smallest of detail such as an upgrade in Velcro or even thread; so subtle that the customer will not even realise the changes, for us these means our cost price goes up but we do not pass this on to the customer always keeping the RRP the same.

We have currently been working with our new sports manufacturers for 12 months and they are so amazingly fantastic at what they do that it has made us so excited for the future development of our rider wear. All our sports range will be under our 'HH Unique' Collection, which of course stands for 'Horzehoods Unique'. We feel this logo name sums up what we are about as a brand, always focusing on 'designed from scratch unique items'.

I am sure you will all agree leggings are flooded in the equestrian market, there is so many brands  and may I add fantastic brands selling them but unfortunately we was amazed upon research how much they are all identical, the first 4 leggings we spotted were all identical apart from a slight variation plus different branding and logo's, not only is this imitation and limited design it then just becomes a price war to determine which to purchase. It was very important to the HH Team, partly due to pride and faith in our creations and funky design that we stay true to our brand and move away from anything already out there. I do feel that a lot of brands may possibly get scared to step away from the 'norm' and admittedly it can be quite a scary business move to not play it safe with a neutral cut and colour, but we love taking risks, we love to be funky in our design brand and we love to work on innovations and performance. I do also feel its important to not focus so much on fashion before performance, we need to remember equestrian riding is still a sport, it can be a dangerous sport at times and can also be challenging meaning performance wear must always be the pinnacle focus of where your design would start, this was easy for us as both the HH Team and all sponsored riders are extremely passionate horse owners and competitors and train daily enabling us to know what was needed.

I think we have got this design just perfect, especially when sitting alongside our horse wear and the 13 colour collections we produce. Matching sets have been pushed to another level these last 2 years, and part of owning horses is all the fun you can have with their wardrobe, however we are really excited to create the rider version of our colour collections so owners can have as much fun in their own riding wear, after-all you and your horse are a team so why not dress like a team?

To create the performance aspect we tested various fabrics, seams and mesh panelling to create what we have today the 'AirMesh Rider Wear'.

We have full in depth production descriptions on the product listings which would be great to read.

So, after much intro in to how we have been getting on I am sure you are all wondering when you can get your purchases in and the price point?

Some good and some bad news....
The good news is although we have paid a premium unit cost price to have these made we have kept our margins low by keeping them at a very affordable introductory price of just £29.99 for Base Layers and £39.99 For Full Seat Silicone Leggings. We are predicted to sell them quickly and in large quantity which is why we can afford to reduce our margins.

The bad news is, we was set to go Live to Purchase with this set on approx 20th March, but due to the volume of interest, newsletters subscriptions and messages wanting to pre-order we have decided to double the production at the manufacturers so we do not disappoint customers by selling out to quickly, this now means that the production will take a few more weeks to produce, so we are now looking at a date of approx 8th April. Of course we will email all Newsletter Subscribers immediately with the launch date so you have first choice so do remember to 'sub' to our newsletters via the home page.

Initial sizes will go from a UK 6 to a UK18. Here at the HH HQ we are all an array of sizes, a woman is not a uniformed one size, the beauty of being a woman is we come in all different shapes and sizes and I cannot tell you how passionate I am about providing sizes that cater for all the lovely curvy ladies out there. We are still researching and working on our curvy rider wear so do stay tuned. The model we used for our latest shoot is actually not a model, she is extremely petite and says she found trouble buying wear as she is very short in the arms, legs and torso, we also wanted to use a real every day woman and not a professional model and she did a fantastic job for us, she is also an athlete, gymnast and cheer leading champion so she had some fun putting the set to the test with some really funky moves, her words were 'wow I cannot believe how flexible the fabric is' (whilst doing the splits) which was very hilarious to watch on shoot and cannot wait to reveal some of the photographs.

Plans over the next coming months with rider wear which we are finalising as we speak are:
  • Silicone Showing Breeches (honestly they are amazing) we are working with a HOYS Level Showing rider to finalise the 'Shawshow Breeches' all will be revealed very soon....
  • AirMesh Sports Sets in children's sizes - (Mother/daughter shares are going to look so cool).
  • Curvy rider range
  • The rest is a surprise so we cannot yet reveal.......
Lastly, you have probably seen a lot of final clearance items on sale as we need the warehouse space for all our 2018 arrivals, we do only now have random sizes left in these clearance items, but do check out the 'Sales Specials' Section as if there's something left in your horses size it is well worth the bargain. 
Once again may we take this opportunity to say thank you to you all, i am sure you have spotted we spend extra time trying to reply, comment and share all your lovely interactions with us on social media as we truly cannot ever get tired of saying thank you. The focus and aim of the business is built around being horse lovers and passionate unique creators, there is nothing more exciting than launching a new product, we are only able to launch new products regularly as any revenue we generate is all put back in to build the HH Brand for customers which we have seen grow with their horses partnership alongside our growth, so it is truly humbling to interact with you all on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you and thank you. 

HH Team 
  • Post author
    Stacey Parkes
  • base layerbase layersbewsblogbreechesfull seat leggingshh newshh unique collectionhorzehoods rangelatest newsleggingsnewssilicone leggingsupdates

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  • Mar 11, 2018

    Hi I’ve been riding since I was 4 years old but never really got the chance to get proper riding outfit but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it but unfortunately it has not been realist yet. Hope everything is good

    Yours ffion

    — Ffion

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