SECONDS Lime Planets GP/Jump Pad FlexiTabz™©

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Seconds listing, out of packaging and no swing tags attached. New condition.

New Limited Edition for AW21:22 Season. Black & Lime.

Luxury Black square quilted pad, with our Space Collection funky theme for inspiration, we have a uber authentic Striking Planets Fabric consisting of several shades of lime and some cuts include flashes of Orange and Blue within the patterning. Each pad is randomly cut from our patterning so each one is completely individual, with each one picking up different shades of pattern and colour. If you specifically want it to have a certain pattern email after ordering and we can check. The patterning is also along the spine with a solid Lime piping and Black Rubber Badge Emblem.

Complete with a high technical graphic fabric that has a high-grade sheen on the outer shell. Uber authentic. Complete with the FlexiTabz™© System (including both straps) which is a revolutionary design that was created by us to create a new level of practicality, performance and to offer a cost-effective resolution to our customers to avoid having to replace pads if you change your saddle. The ethos around the design was built on preventing customers having to be selective with what pad they choose based on what tab size it has by offering an 'all in one'. We designed this back in 2018 and tested thoroughly until 2020 Launch with huge success.

Your FlexiTabz™© Pad will come with an inbuilt buckle at the front base of the pad. You will then be provided with two different FlexiTabz™© which are detachable for you to store. This then gives you many options of how you would like to set your pad up based on what saddle it is being used. From a traditional longer tab that sits under the saddle flap or a shorter ‘D Ring’ attachment to no tabs at all. Aside from the practical bonuses your horse will also benefit from an anti-sweat/anti slip internal membrane, a performance CC fit, a wool wither solely on the wither (not under the full pad) teamed with super soft bendy supple fabric (goodbye stiff pads!).

Dressage Version in this Design also available here


Washing Care

This can be washed in the washing machine with a little fabric softener on a 30o wash. Be careful the pad Velcro attachments are all closed to avoid pulling the fabric or becoming stuck in the door/ripping.



(Approximate Guide Only)
11-12'3 = PONY
13h-14'3h = COB
15h+ = FULL
17H+/Draft Horses = XFULL