Bionic Team Performance Coat



Waterproof, durable, light feathered feel whilst the micro fleece liner holds warmth and breathability needed specifically for performance; not confining with a typical Team Jacket we have created this design working with the renowned 'BIONIC-FINISH®' outer shell fabric which we have invested and purchased directly from the manufacturer to create the perfect team performance jacket that ticks every box when training.

Deterring away from a quilted or bubble jacket to streamline flattering the frame we have used lightweight panelling with a micro fleece liner throughout the body. The outer shell being BIONIC-FINISH® means it has been bionic-technology approved by DWI at RWTH Aachen University. The fabric is also oil and soil repellent, fabric looks newer for longer, fast drying, breathable, and can come up new just by a quick wipe of a cloth due to its stain repellency. 

The waterproof technology is 5000+ meaning it sits in the chart to offer a good level of waterproofing withstanding heavy rains. The highest waterproof is 10'000, we purposely avoid this texture due to effecting the breathability and find 5000+ is the perfect consistency for performance in the saddle. 

As you have all asked us for team jackets for a long time now we wanted to create our own version by concentrating on the fabrics, performance capabilities and introducing some new logo branding designs never seen before. Cleverly designed to make you look super smart on horse back yet not out of place for a day out. 

Trust us when we say you will love wearing this latest piece.


This product runs up true to size and is a regular fit, therefore all testers found they liked both sizes below and above aswell as their own size.