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ALVABARRIER Mud & Rain Protector

ALVABARRIER Mud & Rain Protector


The ALVAHORSE RANGE - Natural Care Products
We at Horzehoods are proud to be stocking the Natural Aromatherapy Health Care Products by Alvahorse for show prep, grooming and health healing 'the natural way'. Alvahorse do not use any aggressive pesticides or insecticides and are made using the highest essential oils and Aloe Vera to tackle many common problems.

ALVABARRIER Mud & Rain Protector
This product combines essential oils with our unique coat conditioner. The formulation helps protect a horses coat, reducing the problems caused by the mud and rain.

For Best Results: After removing as much mud and dirt as possible from the effected area, ALVABARRIER is applied regularly for the first week and then as often as required depending on the weather and ground conditions.