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anti sweat close contact dressage saddle pad numnah

Cob Dressage SPECIAL PRICE King Blue TechniTrim Revamp Performance Pad

£34.99 £23.99

'Much Loved. Great Price. Great Quality  - The genuine reviews speak for themselves' 

This listing is for Dressage Cob Only at a Specials Price = 13-14'2h    

  • Sweaty horse? Built in Pineapple ‘Mesh-Flow’ Anti Sweat layer - that really does work! 
  • Horzehoods Premium HH Unique Range 
  • Click here for: Matching Ears Available 
  • Manufactured to the highest standard
  • Advanced technical properties for advanced training
  • Higher wither contour to help towards sensitivity
  • Beautiful double sided embroidered logo set against a black base to enhance stand out design on a photo.
  • Advanced size measurements to allow more room creating a reduction in potential slips
  • Soft cotton blend throughout outer-shell fabric 

    This Listing is for the Saddle Pad Only. Please check our matching ears listing
    As we have continued to grow and develop this has enabled up to move up and on to more expensive and technical sports manufacturers; so we decided why not revamp the much loved TechniTrim Design with new upgraded fabrics, membranes, pantone colours and new saddle cuts.
    This Pad offers your horse a very soft supple fabric to alleviate rubbing in common areas during the shedding period. You will find a soft cotton fabric overlay with a medium weight infill to help with pressure and offer more under saddle support. Underneath the pad is a specific technical inner lining added to the outer layer to provide a moisture-wicking action. The fabric has been specially-engineered using polyester fibres to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibres like cotton. The advanced inner fabric has also been blended to provide an ‘anti-slip’ action. The binding of our saddle pads has been manufactured to give a soft outer texture which helps avoid friction against sensitive area.
    Being realistic horse owners ourselves we have been forever tired of rewashing pads that show dirt so easy when being a light base colour, therefore we decided we would create the best of both worlds and create all our colours with a solid black base and use the logo and piping for the actual colour theme, not only does this make your chosen colour stand out so much more (particularly on action shots, jumping etc) it also makes for a fantastic every day item that will not show up mud, dirt and marks and look well used after one ride and need continuous washing.