Verano Multi Fly Head Mask

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Sizing's are only estimate guidelines, they are stretch base so need to fit snugger rather than to big. We suggest you try on a clean head with swing tags attached in case of needing a different size.

MINI: - Miniature or Very petite pony
PONY: 12h-14h approx
COB: Cob/Full Size Bridle (approx 14-15'3h) or 16h+ if small head
FULL: True Full Bridle will fit bigger headed horses ID Type

Draft: Big horses and drafts

It is the throat lash circumference which changes and moves up two inches per size. If you find this is to wide with the size you buy you will need to drop down a size via exchange.

Adapted from our popular Spring /Summer Verano Ultimo Fly Hoods, this is the eagerley anticipated 'Just Head' version.

*Super lightweight meryl fabric
* mesh bug eye
* anti uva properties
* protects from sunburn
* detachable nose net with two size options
* full hood version available
* ice blue to detract the sun
* perfect as an 'under armour' to protect sensitive skin from the elements


NOTE: since our first batch in 2017 with a finer mesh customers have fed back to us with requests for a more durable netting, so we have invested extra costs in to a teslin mesh which is thicker more durable. This is less likely to snag and rip. Therefore the black fabric in the photo is the original with a thicker more expensive version to replace it (see photo)

* designed to be lightweight base fabric, due to research we found heavy weight fabrics enhanced allergies & sweating making problems such as sweet itch worse. We suggest using the Verano to cover the skin and use a summer rug to protect the hood.

ALSO a 'Full Hood Version' also available