King Blue Headless Sherpa Horzehood Neck Cover No Face

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This product sells out quickly and has now begun to sell out again in some sizes, we have just taken delivery of a restock in Navy Prince. Click Here Check out the separate listing.

''Horzehoods are the creators of the unique & copyright ‘Multi loop bib system©’'

Introducing this sell out product - everything customers love about a Horzehood - 'Minus the head'

*Limited Numbers Available Per Size*

  • Copyright Multi 4 Loop BibSystem
  • High Grade Sherpa Fleece to sit behind the horses head.
  • In Built Elasticated band hidden for comfort inside the Sherpa Fleece which can help prevent neck covers from slipping back.
  • Available in Navy or Pink
  • 4-1 Mane Saver Fabric, Shoulder Guard, Bib & Neck Cover
  • Zip chin to chest
  • Quality Fleece Elasticated Finish
  • Quality Fleece Elasticated Finish
  • 4 way stretch fabric blend4 way stretch fabric blend
  • Full circumference elasticated adjustable girth
  • Derlin buckle clip fastener rather than Velcro which can potentially unfasten easier
  • Breast design to mould & enhance movement of shoulder

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any headless hood on the market will and can never be as supported on the neck as a full face hood. The design features of a full face hood offer more fit and stability. Headless hoods are mainly in demand for covering the lower section of neck where the turnout rug joint would rub a mane away, even though there may be a little movement or pull back on a headless hood it will still cover the lower section that is needed to be protected. The right size and fit is important with the headless, you want a very snug fit, as the fabric is shiny if it is to big in the shoulder it can create more of a slip back than is normal. Please try on clean with swing tags and you are welcome to return for another size should you want to.