Lilac Velvet Pearl Dressage Saddle Pad - FlexiTabz™©


NEW FOR SS22 SEASON - The Luxury Range

Designed specifically for our luxury range with additional expenses paid for even further upgrades in textiles and touches. Lilac velvet fabric outer shell with super soft touch, leather stone coloured emblems both sides, pearls individually created into the trim, ‘HH’ emblem stitching hand created into each quilting corner finished of with soft suede piping. Pure luxury for you and your horse with the added bonus of our IP FlexiTabzSystem only available in house worldwide. 

The FlexiTabz™©  System is a revolutionary design that was created by us to create a new level of practicality, performance and to offer a cost effective resolution to our customers to avoid having to replace pads if you change your saddle. The ethos around the design was built on preventing customers having to be selective with what pad they choose based on what tab size it has by offering an 'all in one'. We designed this back in 2018 and have been testing and experimenting ever since ready for 2020 launch.

Leather riding saddles have become so advanced that some only fit certain pads. We wanted to offer our customer a true all round 3-1 pad. Your FlexiTabz™© Pad will come with an inbuilt buckle at the front base of the pad. You will then be provided with two different FlexiTabz™© which are detachable for you to store. This then gives you many options of how you would like to set your pad up based on what saddle it is being used. From a traditional longer tab that sits under the saddle flap or a shorter ‘D Ring’ attachment to no tabs at all.

A sheepskin wither section; great for a sensitive horse or to prevent wither rubs it also acts as an extra barrier in deterring any saddle pad slip. As the sheepskin is only at the wither area and not under the pad itself it does not effect saddle fit.

A very soft bendy supple fabric (goodbye stiff pads!) to help alleviate rubbing in common areas. You will find a medium weight infill to help with pressure and offer more under saddle support. Underneath the pad is a specific technical inner lining added to the outer layer to provide a moisture-wicking action. The fabric has been specially-engineered using polyester fibres to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibres like cotton. The advanced inner fabric has also been blended to provide an ‘anti-slip’ action. The binding of our saddle pads has been manufactured to give a soft outer texture which helps avoid friction against sensitive area.  

GP/Jump Version also available


This is an approximate guide:
Pony = 11-12'3h
Cob = 13-14'2h
Full = 14'3+