Multi-Dual Ultimo Rider Bag

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Introducing HH UNIQUE Multi Dual Ultimo Rider Bag

In this fast paced era of equestrian life it’s all about practicality for the modern horse owner. We rarely go anywhere without our mobile phones; and for safety that’s a good thing. 

How many times do you end up with keys, phone, money, cards laid out in to everlasting different pockets only to later be missing one.

We bring to you our latest concept, a low cost item that makes life easier. 

It’s a Multi Dual bag meaning it has many different uses & fasten options.

The bag comes with a detachable metal hook along with permanent belt loops.

You can attach the belt loops to your waist belt, back pack, bag, and more, or you can use your metal loop hook and attach the bag to the D-Ring on your saddle, your breeches belt loop, belts, bags etc, 

Maybe your just going for a walk with the dogs or to the gym? If so your dual bag can be used for any purpose regardless of your life style.

Stretch fabric to fit numerous items with internal pockets, yet small enough to be practical.

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