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PONY SIZE 3600D Deluxe T Revamp 170g Medium Weight Combo Turnout Rug With Detachable Neck Cover

£150.00 £75.99

Introducing to you a new Winter Version Deluxe T Turnout Rug

'Arguable THE toughest rug outer shell on the current market in ratio to the price In a huge high grade outer shell 3600D for extreme performance making it the ultimate must have for resistance against tearing and weathers'

This is everything you need in one rug with a 2-1 detachable neck option included free to match so you can alternate between standard or neck

Sizes from 4ft to 7ft9. 

The Deluxe T Ultimate is arguably the toughest rug on the market which boasts a highly durable 3600D shell rarely available. This rug has been crafted to provide a contour fit to the wither, shoulder and chest to help combat problematic areas owners can face with turnout rugs. It has been designed to cleverly incorporate a horse’s thermoregulation system by incorporating 2 deniers along the body to store warmth in the places your horse is naturally designed to need it keeping your horse dry, comfortable and warm by helping regulate your horse’s temperature with the alternating neck option

You will find the 3600D in plain black which runs along the body and wither and has also been added in the places more commonly teared on fencing such as the chest and the large umbrella tail flap. By adapting the 3600D toughness to these areas this ensures much higher longevity even on the most frustrating of rug wreckers.

The HH Pattern logo throughout is also in a 1200D and has been cleverly used in the areas the lighter fabric is needed. The 1200D HH circle pattern can be found along the sides of the skirt in a lightweight no fill to prevent any extra weight, along the high shoulder gussets and the bottom section of the chest.

  • Each Deluxe T Ultimate comes with D rings attached at a ‘3-point system’ which allows you to use this rug as a standard neck or on a more bitter day you can add the matching neck hood which also comes supplied for free as part of a full product. The fabric both textures are combined with are proven to be breathable, tough and waterproof and have been through a period of 12 months test phase with exceptional success rates.

    The Deluxe T Ultimate Neck Hood which is supplied for free as part of a 2-1 product comes in a 170g weight for both a Medium and Heavy Weight rug. Our designers have cleverly chosen the best weight to combine with both weight body rugs to help reduce mane loss which is commonly exaggerated by over heating of the mane follicles so by having a heavier weight body but keeping your neck hood as light as possible this can help reduce potential mane loss. The neck hood also has a mix of two fabric textures; again, this helps with keeping the neck hood as ‘light’ in weight as possible as a mane loss preventative.

  • Lastly, on top of all the technical benefits and design it is a complete bonus that it is the most stunning rug to be the envy of your yard.

    Turnout Rug Star Features are as follows:

    • 3600D Extreme Outer Shell
    • Thermoregulation design combining 2 fabrics to accommodate
    • Deep cut
    • Double multi clip chest fasten
    • D ring attachments to allow 2-1 neck options
    • Cross surcingle’s
    • Dual purpose
    • Internal Velcro chest fastening
    • Fleece lined wither comfort
    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Generous neck depth cover with multi strap adjustment
    • Fully taped seams
    • Strong clips
    • Detachable leg straps
    • Large umbrella tail flap
    • Can be used with or without neck hood
    Designed in the UK by Horse Owners, with the emphasis being on the chest and shoulder.
  • Matching Dog Coats available from 8'' up to 36''