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1) What are hoods used for?

A) Hoods have a variety of different uses, and it’s the multi functions that make them so useful amongst professionals, amateurs, competition yards and vets for medical purposes. For competition use they add shine to the coat, flatten the coat, keep natives manes over to one side, train double manes to stay over, keep plaits in place, avoid stable stains after bathing, keep horses/ponies clean whilst travelling to competitions/clinics/lessons & general day to day management of keeping grey & white ponies clean! They are also used in winter for fully clipped horses to add extra warmth under their winter rugs (this is ideal for finer breeds like TB’s that find it hard during severe weathers). They can be used to help prevent mane loss. We do also find a lot of sweet itch owners buy hoods and have found them to give substantial results in terms of management of the condition. We are verified suppliers for equestrian vet distrubution catalogues and they are heavily purchased for issues such as wound compression, sweet itch, skin issues, uveitis and much more. (see next question hoods & turnout) & of course last but not least they are cosmetically used to add to your showing colours to add that smart finish when stepping of the box at a show!

2) Are your standard Horzehoods made from lycra?

A) No. Unlike other hood’s we decided against making our hoods from pure lycra, upon research, trials and tests we found that a full lycra product has far too much stretch, loses shape very easily (particularly the more its washed) which then leads to sagging (a no go when on the face) and generally doesn’t offer the same breathability, we therefore created a mixed fabric blend and only use a small % of lycra spandex within our Horzehoods fabric; This fabric is especially formulated for Horzehoods. Therefore the fabric texture is silky in feel and works wonders as a mane saver!

3) Do you make fleece hoods?

A)We have started to produce size moulds for fleece hoods. We have been inclined to make them until we found a suitable fabric and design which we are now confident we have. 'HorzeJamz' are in the process, please sign up for an account on our Horzehoods website if you would like to be notified of new product arrivals.

4) Can Horzehoods be used for turnout?

A) This is a question we get asked daily. We initially designed our hoods for the uses stated above, & have tested them primarily in the stable and in the school. Our Horzehoods have been put through extensive trials and tests to help us design a hood that will not move in the stable when fitted correctly and the correct size is purchased; therefore the only reason we don’t specifically sell them for outdoor use is simply because they are not waterproof. The material we make our Horzehoods from is not as durable as waterproof fabric but does dry super fast. If you turned out in one that had a paddock full of barbwire fencing we don’t think it would last very long, so ask you to be cautious and practical on the use of your hood to get the very best longevity possible. We do have clients that purchase our Best Seller hoods purely for turnout use, mainly in winter underneath a waterproof combo rug; or for a horse that lives out and needs one the night before a show. (This is a personal preference and at the owners discretion but Horzehoods do not sell them as turnout hoods and it’s the owner’s responsibility when choosing to turnout in one). We have clients that use their hoods as a turnout on sweetitch sufferers throughout the whole of summer as the fabric mix we have blended is a 4 way stretch & breathable fabric so shouldn’t cause any sweating or overheating. (Jet Black not advisable in summer months outdoors). To help you decide whether you would like to turnout in your Horzehood we suggest checking out our reviews under product listings to see how other customers have used theres effectively.

5) Do you make turnout hoods?

A) Yes, we launched a Dual Horzehood in 2017 which sold out in most sizes in two weeks and again in 2018 season. Sign up to newsletters to be sure you don't miss out on restock drops through the year.

6) Do you ship Internationally?

A) Yes, we do ship Internationally/ Worldwide and our website has a shipping calculator during your shopping process, if you are not given an amount at the checkout gate please email us where we will be happy to get you a quote and make you an order up. We only send all orders both UK and Internationally via tracked delivery so you the owner has a tracking number in hand to be able to trace your purchase as it makes its way to you.

7) How should my Horzehood fit?

A) We offer a size guide on our website which we ask everyone to look through, prior to purchasing, however please be aware that all horses are different with different bone and confirmation and the size guide is what is says, literally a guide, we have built this with a 95% success rate. We cannot offer no guarantees that our suggestion on size will definitely fit your horse or pony but we can guarantee if you have only tried on a clean horse with swing tags attached and returned within the specified period you will be given a new size more suited It is very important to us that each owner has a fit they are happy with hence we provide a fluent exchange service. If you are unsure and would like to send us photographs you are more than welcome to do so on email The fabric we use is extremely giving and stretchy therefore we suggest a hood that fits very snug is a lot better, it should not be baggy in any way. Remember a correctly fitted hood should not move; if it slips or moves then it simply doesn’t fit. As we are unable to personally see individual horses directly it is the owners responsibility to ensure you are happy that the hood fits correctly. We also suggest looking through our review sections on product listings and our social media feedback albums which will help you visually see how other hoods are fitted, and also suggest you use the zoom on our professional photographs on the website so you can compare how a correctly fitted hood looks. A good exercise when initially trying on is to put a feed on the floor to see the stretch in the neck and the movement and fit on both the face and chest.

8) Do you accept Refunds & Exchanges?

A) Yes we do. Please see our ‘Refunds Policy’ on the home page of our website. We offer a fair trading returns policy abiding by consumer laws. Due to stock in fluctuation and constant products selling quickly we are strict within the 14 day timescale stated. Returns are laundered and offered for resale to customers, as we sell out of stock so quickly each time it helps the process when another customer may be waiting on that particular hood size coming back in. Refunds within 14 days and exchanges within 28 days. We are only able to honour this if the products arrive back with swing tags attached in the condition they was sent out.

9) Are your hoods machine washable?

A) The hoods wash perfectly in the machine and dry super fast. We suggest you wash with a fabric conditioner at 30 degrees. IMPORTANT – Prior to washing the hood you must make sure that 1) the buckle is fastened securely to avoid being lost 2) the velcro on the chin is strapped securely to avoid the strong Velcro side pulling the material. (This is especially important when returning a hood – if it is returned with pulling from the Velcro due to leaving the chin strap undone we cannot accept the return or refund as we are unable to place for resale).

10) Do you make them yourself?

A) Due to the high volume of hoods we sell on a daily basis we have now got a production team at our chosen manufacturers that make our designed hoods. They work from the measurements/ designs we have chosen through experience. We picked these specific manufacturers as they are a fabric specialist and have been in this industry for over 20 years, and quite simply….are the BEST at what they do!!

11) Why are HorzeHoods substantially cheaper than other leading brands? Will this effect quality?

A) Our HorzeHoods are so successful and popular because they are fabulous quality with intricate seam/stitching work and heavy duty zips, made by the best manufacturers in the business. They have been designed foremost for practicality but our designer has also played with measurements, design & fit to ensure HorzeHoods are also extremely upmarket & stylish. The reason we can offer them at a lower price range without compromising on any quality is simply because we sell so many it allows us to order fabric in bulk!

12) If I am not happy with my product do you have a complaints procedure?

A) Yes, of course we like to think as a company we can always get 100% customer satisfaction but in reality we appreciate everyone has different needs, different size horses and different demands and standards. If on the rare occasion we have a customer that is not happy we would ask you to write into us via email and mark FAO Director. We endeavour to answer all complaints within 7 days of arrival & ask that you give full dates and description of your complaint so we can investigate further. Please Note. Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive

13) If I am extremely happy with my product and want to leave a review can I do so, and if so, where can I send it to?

A) Its always great when we receive photo’s of clients horses & ponies modelling their HorzeHoods, especially the lovely feedback and comments we receive. We do have a review section on our FB Page, and also add any photo’s we receive into an album on our FB Page. We ALSO run a ‘Customer Review Competition’ which is drawn every quarter, All you have to do is enter is log into your HorzeHoods account via Main Website and leave a review.