Brexit & European Customs Information

Please note regulations are changing and our financial team are reviewing the best methods for our EU customers. Whilst our Team look into the most effective way to adapt we have the following offers available to EU Fans to subsidise any costs they 'may' be charged at customs. As follows:

  • For orders under £150.00 We are charging a low cost fee at checkout for tracked shipping with Royal Mail to Europe and we will pay towards the shipping cost on your behalf. There is the option to ignore this and continue to pay DHL Express should you prefer.

**Although we offer Free Shipping to you, it is not free to us, we are paying this on your behalf to help towards covering the cost of any Tax/Duty 'should' you encounter any charges. 

The boring bits!.....

We thank you for your patience during this transition period. We request you shop as normal and choose your chosen courier and prepare to receive extra charges from the couriers once your local customs have your parcel. This is usually a small percentage of your order value for tax. We have no control over what your Country % and rule charges are. For EU RRP Prices shown on the website are what you will be charged at checkout.

If you shop from Europe, check out as normal however your parcel 'may' will be subject to duties & taxes decided by each Country. You will be requested to pay these via the couriers within your Country to release your parcel. This is beyond our control and the cost will be decided by each individual Countries customs.

***IMPORTANT: If you refuse the parcel/charges we can only refund if your product physically arrives back to us. The couriers have charged us to deliver your parcel. If you refuse the parcel and the parcel arrives back you will be refunded minus the postage costs to deliver.


EU VAT & Customs Duties

  • Customs clearance charges and fees may be payable on items/goods entering the destination country including  the EU from the UK. These depend on the contents’ value. 
  • The customs authorities in the destination country and the customs thresholds in place determine if charges are due on imported goods.
  • The levels and thresholds of charges vary from country to country. Horzehoods Ltd cannot advise on what these may be. Please contact the your local customs authority of the destination country for help, either directly or via their websites.
  • If your parcel does not have the charges paid the couriers will likely destroy the parcel.

It is your Country customs who decide whether to charge you customs taxes and duties, this is beyond our control and not a charge that is given to you from us. IF you do not pay the customs charges your parcel may be destroyed if it does not get returned to us. We are not able to refund a product without physically receiving it back and are unable to refund a product that has been destroyed due to refusal to pay customs charges from your Country border. If your parcel is returned after some time and we receive postal charges for you declining the parcel your refund will be issued minus any charges incurred by your refusal of paying your country custom charges they issued. 


** We sell premium manufactured products without the premium prices. For example a pair of our leggings may cost £59.99 and for the same quality £120 with another brand, we therefore feel our competitive prices make up for any Duty or Taxes you may be charged at customs. We will always strive to remain competitively priced in ratio of quality for you the customer to benefit.