As you have probably guessed we struggle to keep our products in stock once they launch which we appreciate then becomes frustrating for the customer that misses out. We get lots of messages requests from customers wanting to preorder the next restock. Customers said it was frustrating to remember the date of the next restock only to find once they checked online they was sold out again. We therefore now open preorders on popular sold out items, meaning if a product size has sold out you can still preorder knowing you have grabbed it, can forget about it and let us do the rest once they arrive in. This method has proved hugely popular so although a lot more work for our office staff and warehouse we are more than happy to stick to this process as it keeps you guys happy and you seem to love it! Plus it's always exciting to have something preordered to look forward too.

We only open preorders once a production has been completed and passed quality control and is handed to our agents, but it can take some time to reach us, so we recommend checking the date on the product listing which gives an ETA. This date is always accurate within a week range.

If you order a preorder product with in stock products on the same order the in stock products will be picked and kept to the side until the preorder products arrive.

We do this as we provide free postage over £120.00, whilst postage is free to you it is not to us and we pay this on your behalf, so we will pay the one postage cost. If we send the package in two separate packages it creates two postage costs. You are however very welcome to email the team to pay the one postage cost on your order if you would like the in stock items sending early. We will still pay the second parcel as agreed. You can email to arrange:


Thanks you for understanding.


HH Team