Top 10 most asked questions about Horse Riding Leggings

Top 10 most asked questions about Riding Leggings

  1. Are Riding Leggings / Tights any good?
    Yes, is the easiest most common answer, and there are tonnes of reasons why they have grown in development over the last 20+ years within the equestrian world. A fantastic alternative to regular jodhpurs and breeches, riding tights and/or leggings are usually more lightweight in texture, extremely comfortable and offer great freedom of movement in the saddle. They are extremely versatile in fit and flex making them a wonderful choice to combine other fitness activities such as Gym, Yoga, Running & Dog Walking.


  1. What is the difference between Riding Leggings and Breeches?
    Riding leggings tend to be a lighter choice instead of breeches. Leggings in a heavier fabric are a good cross between a breech and a legging.  The legging still offering structure. Breeches have been a traditional choice for English riding, however as riding tights have advanced in fabric technologies, they have become more popular over Breeches due to their comfort. They can still offer features the breech does such as silicone seats and pockets but tend not to have zips.


  1. Can you ride in Gym Leggings?
    Gym leggings offer popular similarities to riding Leggings. Be warned however all gym leggings do not come with a special silicone seat feature that a riding legging does. Gym leggings are also not tailored at the ankle hem for underneath a Riding Boot causing rubbing and discomfort. If you are not fussed on a silicone seat a good option would be using a Horzehoods Non Seat Riding Leggings which can also be used for all activities such as the gym, yoga, walking & running, rather than buying gym leggings for riding, do it the other way round if your aim is to have a multi-use legging for all your activities.


  1. What other names are Riding Tights called?
    Lots of brands have their own names for their riding tights, these range from tights, leggings, skins, under layers, breggings and jeggings. If you are unsure, you can always message the Brand and ask for the fabric weight. Leggings are usually between 240 to 300GSM. (Some maybe up to 320GSM thickness if for Winter).


  1. Are Riding Leggings a good choice for First Time Riders and Learners?
    Yes, they offer such a comfort in terms of suppleness when a stride the horse, that as a rider learning to ride it is one less thing to worry about. No riders want to feel uncomfortable under saddle when first learning. A popular choice for learners is a legging with a full seat, simply because the silicone will make you feel more secure in the saddle until you develop your seat as you progress.


  1. Are Riding Tights any good?
    As with anything personal preference will always come first, but there is a valid reason endurance riders have always used them when doing many hours in the saddle, and the reason is comfort! The fabric offered by a legging is far superior in terms of stretch, flex and breathability meaning they will hold up well for all seasons of Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring, dry super quick and wash up well when choosing a reputable brand such as Horzehoods known for quality fabrics.


  1. Which Leggings are suitable to wear during Summer?
    The lightweight material of Horzehoods riding leggings means they offer high breathability, airy and are extremely comfortable when in the saddle for hours in hotter weathers. Good brands will offer hard-wearing seams to ensure they look the best they can be whilst riding. Due to the closer contact stretch feel they are also much comfier under riding boots which is an area that can quickly become hot and sweaty in warmer weathers. Riding tights should not be put in the dryer but allowed to air dry to keep their features in good shape.


  1. Can Women of all shapes and sizes wear Horse Rider Tights?
    Most definitely! No woman should ever be made to feel unequal; the beauty of women is they are all different shapes and sizes, and no one is the same. Riding tights are a fantastic choice for offering a more custom fit due to the stretch, adapting to each different shape and curve. Horzehoods offer lots of choice within their leg wear collection. It is more about personal preference. Each rider will have different likes and dislikes, so Horzehoods offer all options with a vast array of distinct colours and features. Riders may prefer a lightweight thin fabric with mesh panelling, or may like a lower waist, elasticated waist and some prefer higher waist with double folded comfort waists. Horzehoods cater for all shapes and sizes and hold no brackets in terms of what is expected in the equestrian industry by selling sizes from UK4 to UK22.


  1. Are Riding Tights an excellent choice when pregnant?
    Yes, due to the stretch fabric, comfort and the ability to not need elasticated restrictive waists Horzehoods contraflex make a fantastic option during pregnancy expanding well with a growing bump. They can be bought without a seat for day-to-day life such as driving, shopping, relaxing at home etc and can also be bought with silicone to offer more security in the saddle should a rider choose to still horse ride whilst pregnant.


  1. Are cheap riding Tights any good?
    Yes and No. Yes if they are cheap but you still manage to get a few rides from them. No if they are cheap and are a poor fit, looked cheap on and/or didn’t last long enough before buying a new pair, in which case a more reputable branded price option would be cheaper in the long run, if they last for more wears than the cheaper options. When it comes to riding leggings, the saying is true ‘you get what you pay for’. Riding legging fabrics which need to be specially manufactured if the Brand focus on performance is expensive for a Brand to make, therefore a middle price point of £50-£70 is a good guide for a decent pair. Be warned though… some prices are expensive even if the Brand has made cheaply, so we do recommend reading genuine reviews from Facebook pages (always a sign if this has been switched off), Google and Websites.


We hope you have enjoyed our Top Ten most asked Questions about Riding Leggings!

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