Horzehoods Equestrian 'YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED'

Let us share your interesting equestrian videos with our HH community of over 200'000. If we choose to share we will email you a £25 E-Gift voucher to spend in store and credit you for your video. Not essential but if also featuring Horzehoods product(s) we will issue an extra £5 making the gift card £30.

Perhaps a friend has a funny video and you can share our blog with them. 

*Can be unedited for our team to edit. Can be interesting, emotional, educational, comical, funny or factual. As long as it's within the equestrian field.

You can send your videos via the following methods:

Watsap07823 510 472
Email: admin@horzehoods.com
Horzehoods Socials (direct message) Facebook or Instagram

Social media can be such a damaging place with the pressure put on riders (& brands) to have perfect aesthetic, best equipment etc that we just feel it needs to be a lot more light hearted and enjoyable. After all equestrianism is a hobby for the majority. We have such a strong growing community and a lot of the videos we get sent have had our team in tears of laughter or tearing up with emotion; we would love to be able to share with our community, credit you for your video and share your account credit. 


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