It's Official! We are opening a Retail Show Room!

We are super pleased to be announcing our latest development, a Show Room Shop. It will be next to our HQ Warehouse & Offices in Stockport, Manchester. 

This latest development has certainly been a natural progression for the HH Brand. The warehouse frequently gets customers wanting to order online but collect from our warehouse. Whilst this has never been a problem, the warehouse just isn’t set up to provide the opportunity for customers to browse through our range unfortunately. We always get asked if people can come for a look at the products and try them on, however this just hasn’t been feasible due to our lack of facilities, which then leads to the question of 'Can you open a shop please?'.

Our convenient location within Stockport, Manchester means that we are in a prime spot to offer this service as we are just off the M60 Motorway.

Our HQ itself is bursting and we have sadly had to occupy our old sample and photo rooms and rack them out for storage for our warehouse colleagues due to space and rapid growth.

Within our second building we will be renovating a new studio upstairs along with a design room, I am really excited to have a room solely for design work, with sampling, textile fabrics and inspirational space to help when I am creating products. This also ensures we can offer more video & photo content along with more BTS footage which we always get asked for. I have just completed a new outerwear piece that I have created which does not yet exist and I am so pleased this is now in production ready for our AW2425 release, which will be shown in the new shop.

The downstairs will be fitted out as a shop, with work starting this month, now that we have completed the CAD design phases. We will document the full road ahead and launch a video to keep you all updated. Signing up to our newsletters will ensure that you do not miss a step in our journey. 

Our show room will be fully kitted out with changing rooms, all of the latest ranges and some sneak peeks at new samples. It will also be first to hold new Collection launches before they go live online. 

INFO REGARDING LAUNCH DAY: We have been asked a lot since our social media reveal whether you can attend a launch day, due to lots of interest and limited space within the shop we may have to run a VIP Invitation list, this will also offer an exclusive launch day offer solely for those attending. If you are interested, please comment on our blog below and we will select comments nearer the time. 

May we thank our super fans for helping with this journey, without our fans, growth is never possible. We work extremely hard in our product development, quality production & customer service to ensure we remain innovative and at the top of our game so it's great you appreciate this and support us. 

Stacey & Co x


  • Nikki

    I’d love to come to the launch please!

  • Joanne

    Would love to attend with my daughter, (although this may be dangerous!!🤣🤣) x

  • Rosie

    I’d like 2 tickets please 😍

  • Katie Grech- Cini

    I’d love to come to the launch 😍 Very dangerous for me being able to pop in here when working the area but great news all the same 😂

  • Hannah

    I’d love to visit the new show room on opening day 🤩

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