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Welcome to Horzehoods Ltd & home of our sister brand HH Unique. We thank you for taking a visit to our HH site.

Horzehoods was established back in 2009 by founder Stacey after inventing an Intellectual Property protected 4 loop bib system for horse hoods after struggling to get one to be adaptable enough for her youngsters forever changing shape. Stacey’s love was always around innovation, horses, creating textiles with A Levels in business; originally coming from a recruitment management background. Having grown up from humble beginnings but completely obsessed with horses without her parents being able to afford them as a child her mission was always to break the mould of the equestrian industry and do things without needing financial support, it was her belief that her creative vision could overwrite lack of funds and wanted to offer bespoke unique items that were high premium quality, unique, bespoke but also affordable in ratio to premium as it was important she catered for all riders. After being diagnosed with Crohns Disease back in 2006 and it becoming more severe in 2012 it gave her the inspiration and push to set up her own business due to struggling to work in a high pressurised office career. Stacey then set up with 1 small box of ideas using the sales from the first box to buy 2 more, before slowly having to move 3 times due to space eventually settling in offices and a warehouse in Stockport, being nominated twice as a BETA business finalist and winning against other industry leaders back in 2017. 

Stacey says:

‘’Some of the nicest people I have met in the horse world have come from rich heritage, so it is in no way a dig at any backgrounds, if your fortunate to have wealthy backings it really does help to start a business or your ridden career, but sadly this isn’t the reality for a high percentage of riders. The equine industry is notorious for wealth and the idea of succeeding if you have the financial backing, I wanted to prove to myself and other riders you can use your natural abilities to out weigh lack of funds, my passion is to stop stereotyping one vision of ‘great’ whether than be in disciplines, body shape or riding ability. That ideology of what society wants us all to be. It simply doesn’t exist, it’s perfectly perfect not to be perfect. We all come in different shapes and sizes, backgrounds, styles, disciplines and I think it’s important to offer ‘something for everyone’. Having crohns I have suffered weight fluctuations myself, as a woman we all change from time to time. I want to make sure we have no brackets here at HH and as corny as it sounds we are all unique in our own ways; which is where the name came from ‘HH Unique’ stands for ‘Horzehoods Unique’, because we want our clients to love their yearly bespoke design collections knowing that item isn’t liquidated throughout the whole market making them standout and feel individual which we all should embrace. The industry on social media can be a damaging place for riders, there is a lot of negativity at times and I feel our HH community of fans and riders are such a positive bunch and all look out for supporting each other, whether that be a positive comment, like, share, review and word of mouth we all believe in the same thing. Union and Acceptance’’


All the HH Team in house are over seen by Stacey and all have the same qualities and really enjoy providing a service to their customers, whether that be a little written thank you note on your order, polo mints, a free little gift, driving to the post office for one customer that may have missed a collection slot or even pushing the rules by holding the courier collection off to ensure we slip your same day despatch in, our team are known for going that extra mile, because quite frankly, we’re a small business, were a genuine bunch, we care, we love what we do and that makes you important to us.

Keep being yourself, keep unique, don’t compare, there’s only one YOU.

Much Love, Stacey & Team


  • Passionate about innovation 

  • HORZEHOODS is a Registered Trade Mark of many years.

  • HORZEHOODS is the Owner and Creator of the Multi '4 Loop BibSystem©'
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  • Stacey Mather owns Horzehoods
  • The name HORZEHOODS was created as a one word brand name with no break in the word. Successfully trademarked back in 2015. HORZEHOODS has no association with any other brand except their own sister brand HH Unique Equestrian. 
Horzehoods....Owner & Creator of the Multi '4 Loop BibSystem©'
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