HORZEHOODS is an award winning brand and home to the renowned HH Unique Equestrian. The goal is always innovation, unique practical designs using quality textiles. Below are registered licenced designed protected by Intellectual Property Office.
4 Loop BibSystem™️©️ 
A 4 loop bib system innovated into the chest of our hoods. This was invented back in 2012 to assist in one hood accommodating several different shapes and sizes creating a more customised horse garment. 

This multi interchangeable strap system was invented back in 2018 and was created to make our saddle pads more versatile, saving having to cut tabs and adding more stability during fast work. The straps consist of two sizes and can be used together, not at all or independently.
NEW Revolutionary design invented by team HORZEHOODS designers. A new 'SecuraStrap' licenced design. Created to not only visually look so sleek & pro but helps in deterring against losing ears due to head shaking etc. A clever front spine velcro strap which sits close contact allowing you to not use if you choose not to by sitting the bridle on top of it. If you want to us, simply open the strap fit your bridle then fasten the strap over your bridle poll. We have tested extensively and designed around even the most anatomical designs with wide poll leatherwork.
This multi versatile badge system was invented in 2021 and launched her September 2022. It offers over 10 different ways to use and accommodates both professional and amateur riders including those competing for their country or with sponsorship duties.