‘Equestrian Mindset Ambassador Programme’

Each three months we look for a customer to join our Mindset Ambassador Programme. 

Here at Horzehoods one of the most important aspects of our business is our customer. As a team and brand our customers and how they are getting on in their equestrian journeys is one which we love to hear and care about, we adore seeing photographs, videos and reviews succeeding in the equestrian world. Succeeding? What is success? Well success is a matter of perception, to us our customers succeeding simply means you are happy, feeling confident in your own self and made a small step forward on where your journey may have been the day before. Small steps in the right direction over a period of time make huge steps.

At Horzehoods we are mental health and body positive advocates, put simply it’s subjects that are personal and important to our team. Each season we are always striving to give back to our customers; with today’s society of Instagram vs real life, it really does contribute towards the effects on a riders mental health. The pressures of having the best photographs, videos, the most expensive clothing, finances, the red rosettes, and the pressure to keep your horse sound to name just a few. Before you know it hobbies start to fade into stress, tears and pressure. A fun sport turns into turmoil and your confidence starts to falter.

This then leads us on to this programme, ‘Equestrian Mindset Ambassador Programme’. We wanted to offer a programme to a chosen customer of ours that has had confidence set backs and really needs that extra support to move forwards. The programme will include:

  • HH Unique clothing for both you and your horse with product(s) being despatched to you every month for 3 months.
  • We will pay for your confidence coaching call every 2 weeks for 3 months with Amy MacKinnon Coach
  • FREE Delivery for 12 months on any future purchases with us in the future
  • Your blog updates and photographs documented on our website blog so our followers can follow your progress; we feel sharing progress offers such support to others feeling the same. Sharing your journey is not compulsory only what or if you feel confident sharing.

We have teamed up with Amy MacKinnon from Calm Confident Riders. Amy is a qualified Equestrian Mindset Coach. All calls are strictly confident calls between you and Amy.

Each one hour call with Amy will dig down into why your confidence is having a wobble. Learn why your brain is acting like it is, and find out practical, easy ways to re-set it to start filling up your confidence to be the rider you aspire to be. Suitable for all riders and anyone involved with horses.

Amy’s coaching is beneficial for any Competition riders, happy hackers, new riders, experienced riders, even parents of children who ride. Anyone who feels that little bit of anxiety creeping in at times benefit from these calls. The focus is totally bespoke to you and your needs and goals.

These are virtual calls and can be either via Zoom or a good old fashioned phone call.

When: Amy will book you in at a time to suit you, fitting in around work, horses and life in general. Each call lasts an hour.


  • Must be a previous customer of Horzehoods
  • Must be signed to free newsletters
  • Enter via the comment box below if via the website, you could explain why you feel you would benefit from this Programme, maybe share your lowest and highest moments within your equestrian journey and what you would like to gain from it.(The comments are not published so will go to the team in confidence)

OR instead of commenting below you can enter via Facebook or Instagram.

  • Simply share a picture of you and your horse under our Facebook post for this programme; you could explain why you feel you would benefit from this Programme, maybe share your lowest and highest moments within your equestrian journey and what you would like to gain from it.. **If posting on Instagram please use the #HHMindsetAmbassadorEntry so we find your post.


We will choose a new Ambassador ever 3 month period, so do keep your entries if not successful first time round as our team will constantly go back to the original application blog to pick each time. 

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