In todays climate shoppers are more conscious than ever for buying smart and with ethical practices in place. As a brand who are predominantly a small family business we are constantly looking at ways to 'do things better'. Lets face it, every brand can make a conscious weekly effort to not get stuck in old ways, learn to grow, develop and do things with better practices in place that make more sense to the environment and the economy. 

With over 4 billion social media users constantly being fed global news and issues from their chosen platforms it has been a positive step forward in opening up social consciousness for all of us as human beings. 

The global pandemic kept us all in near to home more than we was previously which means we as shoppers have more time to make a decision with who we shop with and finding brands that are 'trying' and 'want' to do and be better than they were the day before. 

As a brand our number one priority is always mental health awareness and riders mental health. We run an Equestrian Mindset Ambassador Programme. This helps us as a brand have a positive input in a riders mental health journey. We pay for the full courses and all the free products the rider gets, it has proved a fantastic programme. As we continue to develop this we also want to become better with sustainability which is why we have created our sustainability outlet.

We have created our sustainability outlet to reduce landfill on any productions that have not passed our quality control. With two bespoke collections a year and staple pieces created in between these seasons it is important we make a conscious effort to reduce landfill and recycle. We feel we can do this in two predominant ways.

1) Pay the highest premium cost prices to be paired with the luxury manufacturing teams to create premium fabrics, seams and overall quality. By making products that are durable it means they last longer. Items that last longer stay in your wardrobe and not in a landfill. 

2) Any products or production batches that do not meet our 4 check quality controls will be added at a below cost price into our sustainability outlet. This means although they are no perfect enough for us to sell, despite their defect they still do the job and can be a bargain at a non-profit price.

3) We have also set up a Facebook group ran by the HH Team named 'HH Preloved'. This will be for customers to sell on their used HH products to encourage recycling. A lot of our customers have used a product every day for many many years and may simply decide they want to 'throw it away' as it's to used to sell, we encourage you to advertise it for free/give away as you never know what position others may be in so it is a great opportunity for others that may not be in a position to purchase at this moment in time. 

With costs on the rise, shopping sustainable, smart and with the right quality of products has never been more important. 

Please note that any products that are purchased under the Sustainability Outlet are non refundable and non exchangeable and do not sit within our regular terms and conditions.

**All full price products are eligible under distance selling laws for refund or exchange within the 28 day period specified. T&C's for our regular products can be found here.

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