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Leg Protection

A Selection of products we offer for the horses legs 
  • Tech Range White Bandage Set
    Quick shop
    * Debut Equestrian Sports Wear Collection by Horzehoods 2017/2018 *
    Stunning, Simplistic, Classical and High Grade Finish
    • Matching Tech SoundOut Ears & Waffle Pad also available to purchase
    • Chalk White with minimal Silver Logo Emblem detailing
    • Manufactured to the highest standard
    • Advanced technical properties for advanced training
    • Anti Sweat & Breathable Fabric
    • 5'' (Can be snipped down on the inside for smaller ponies)
    • Luxury Polar Fleece and Soft Cotton Binding



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  • Deluxe T 1200D Waterproof Quick Drying Waffle Boot Wraps (Pair Set of 2)
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    'Quite possibly the most versatile boot on the market with a long list of example uses'
    Price is for a pair, making them fantastic value for money

    • Waterproof & Breathable
    • Designed to wick away moisture - ideal for drying legs 
    • 1200D Outer Shell
    • Waffle Membrane 
    • Prevent post exercise chills 
    • Fasten on in seconds
    • Ideal for drying legs after turnout or a bath
    • Keeping white socks clean
    • Show Prep after bathing
    • Stable Use
    • Perfect for keeping legs warm in winter
    • Trials noted an improvement in helping issues associated with winter ailments and mud
    • Can be used as stable boots or travelling for horses that do not like a full travel boot
    • Multi Use
    • Exceptional Quality
    • High Durability

    Available in Pony, Cob & Full


    Full 38cm X 37cm
    Cob 36cm X 35cm
    Pony34cm X 33cm

    *Not designed for Turnout Use due to the Waffle membrane.

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  • Deluxe T 1200D Waterproof Padded Travel Boots Set of 4
    Quick shop
    'Price is for a Set of 4 making them fantastic value for money'
    Horzehoods debut set of travel boots are waterproof and durable designed with injury prevention at the forefront whilst travelling your horse or pony. Made from Soft fleece liner with technical shapes to form around the horses leg offering ultimate protection and comfort in one.
    • Waterproof & Breathable
    • Padded Quality Lining to protect tendons and legs whilst travelling/shipping
    • 1200D Outer Shell
    • Neat Velcro Size - not to fussy making them quick to fasten
    • Exceptional Quality
    • High Durability
    • Strong hook and loop fastenings to prevent movement whilst travelling
    • Supplied in a handy reusable carry bag
    • Set of 4 boots
    • Made in our beautiful Deluxe T 1200D Fabric

    *Matching products are available with this product, Turnout Rugs, Dry Fast Waffle Boots, Ride on Rain Sheets, Dog Coats.

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  • Ultimo Close Contact Protection Multi Use Wrap Boots
    Quick shop

     Introducing the most versatile training boots to date.....

    Our new Ultimo Leather Multi Use Boots have been designed with performance, breath ability, protection and comfort in mind

    We decided to use PU Leather as an outer shell and load with a soft neoprene to offer maximum protection on the tendons, cannon bone and fetlock.

    We have shaped them to sit under the fetlock and fasten back through offering  advanced close contact support during exercise.

    For owners with sensitive horses we have decided to trim the edges with our famous lycra fabric which is extremely soft in texture and will help deter against boot rubs. 

    The beauty of PU Leather is of course its durability and the fact is is 100% synthetically made and has not come from an animal so poses no risk of it being a bi product of animal welfare which is something we are very passionate about here at Horzehoods and all our designs and material options circle around this thought process at all times. The fabric is also fantastic to sponge down after exercise. Upon research we found making the outershell from neoprene caused a lot of dirt to stay trapped inside the fibres and dry on to the boots making it really hard to clean.

    With PU Leather after exercise if you have mud and sand on the outer of the boot simply get a wet sponge and wipe of the dirt and dry with a dy cloth. Leave to hang if the inside membrane is damp.

    This boot has been tested rigirously and it is essential the outer is always dry after cleaning and not left wet or damp to ensure maximum longevity and durability.

    We have designed this boot for exercise and have jumped horses in these boots although we have not specifically designed them for jumping, this is the owners preference whether they choose to use for all disciplines.

    Sizes available in Pony, Cob & Full
    Purchases are Per Pair
    Fronts & Hinds sold seperately

    Be sure to check out our gorgeous matching over reach bell boots for the ultimate combination.

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  • HH Polo Bandage Set
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    On sale

    HH Polo Bandage Set

    14.99 £8.50


    HH Polo Bandage Set

    £14.99 £8.50

    The Multi-use Bandage Sets by Horzehoods are suitable for many tasks & disciplines, breathable, stretch fleece they help protect against minor scrapes and bruises and are suitable for avoidance of sand and arena footing when schooling your horse or pony. (Due to the fabric HorzeHoods bandages can be used without any padding underneath for exercise).

    We have designed our fleece bandages in colours that match your HorzeHoods giving you the ability to offer a smart look without losing the practicality of keeping your horse clean before & whilst travelling to a show! With our HH Logo printed in rubber on each individual bandage adding to the quality and overall look.

    • Two Sizes available Small OR Standard (See size guide Tab)
    • Our HH Bandages can be cut down to size 

    Combining your Horzehood with bandages when prepping for a show or competition will help give you the ultimate show clean finish that you need & make you feel proud to step your horse of the wagon once at the showground.Other activities our wraps can be used for are:

    • Riding, most commonly on dressage horses or while schooling show hunters or show jumpers, longeing, long-reining, turnout (Some owners turn their horses out in polo bandages, although they must take care that the horse is not turned out in a wet pasture and that the polos are well secured) and they can also be used for travelling (some owners prefer to use padding underneath for added protection or a hot horse)
    • Polo Wraps provide a cleaner look which riders prefer and they also cover greater areas of the legs than boots. For the more advanced grooms they also enable you to provide slightly more protection in a particular area of the leg if needed for injury etc

    IMPORTATANT: See below for advice on how to fit your bandage sets





    Always bandage left leg Anti-Clockwise & Right Leg Clockwise. Some of our photo and video shoots may show opposite wrapping which is purely for the logo placement of the product image, to give a better view of the product. Always wrap the correct way. The most important factor when applying the wraps is you keep the tension in them as uniform as possible over the entire area, uneven pressure could cause damage to tendons. If unsure ask your trainer or vet to demonstrate for you. We advise the same person wraps all 4 legs as no two people can wrap exactly the same tension. There are several different ways to apply polo wraps, methods differ when it comes to where the wrapping should start. i.e some start at the top of the left and wrap down then back up, others start in the middle of the leg and so forth. Other methods differ in whether to extend or travel below the fetlock joints.

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  • HH UNIQUE Tartannia Range Bandage Set
    Quick shop
    Sold out
    Sold out
    * Debut Equestrian Sports Wear Collection by Horzehoods Spring 2017 * 
    • Horzehoods HH Unique Debut SS17 Range
    • Matching Ears & Pads Available
    • Manufactured to the highest standard
    • Advanced technical properties for advanced training
    • Anti Sweat layer
    • Higher wither contour to help towards sensitivity
    • Beautiful faux leather badge logo emblem against a 'Tartan Design Base'
    • Advanced size measurements to allow more room creating a reduction in potential slips
    • Soft cotton blend througout top layer of the design fabric

    Technical Properties
    Designed with a specific technical inner lining added to the outer layer to provide a moisture-wicking action. The fabric has been specially-engineered using polyester fibres to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibres like cotton. The advanced inner fabric has also been blended to provide an ‘anti-slip’ action. The binding of our saddle pads has been manufactured to give a soft outer texture which helps avoid friction against sensitive areas.

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  • Ultimo Close Contact Leather Bell Over Reach Boot
    Quick shop

    'Check out the matching Ultimo Wrap Boots'

    As part of our Ultimo Leg Protection Range we present our new Bell Boots, to work alongside our Close Contact Leg Wrap Boots.

    Available in 3 sizes S, M & L

    In PU Black Leather, with a high grade neoprene black trim top teamed with a subtle chic HH Unique Rubber Logo


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  • Classic Signature High Grade 1680D Bell Over Reach Boot
    Quick shop

    Due to arrive 18 July (sign up to newsletters to be notified) 

    As part of our Ultimo Leg Protection Range we present our new Classic Signature Bell Boots.

    Available in one size (35x15cm flat)

    In a very tough high grade outer shell of 1680D, teamed with neoprene lining and a subtle chic HH Unique Rubber Logo.

    These are a great option for horses and ponies which extend a lot and tend to go through over reach boots quickly as they offer high durability.


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  • Teslin Mesh Fly Boots (Set of 4) TRIAL BATCH
    Quick shop
    On sale

    Price is for a set of 4

    We have a small batch of Trial Boots, for 50% off as a trial price all we ask is we get feedback for research purposes to enhance this product.

    Fly Mesh Teslin Boots, with a comfortable webbing trim binding to keep flies away.

    Features Contoured fit, some UV protection, fully breathable, light coloured to reflect heat. 4 Boots per pack (2 front & 2 hind)


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